The Crowd Effect

Stop for a second and imagine what you could do if everybody (yes, everybody) was helping you. Unlimited possibilities! Anything could be done! However, in order for that to happen it might be required of you to be in the business of saving the earth (but maybe you are?).

For rest of us, we could still get a lot done with a little help from a few other people. Maybe you are in the business of selling something many can understand. And if all of those people end up investing little bit of money in your company, they all got an owners’ incentive to help you.

Let’s call this The Crowd Effect.

Let’s take an example.

Say you have a new start-up producing custom-made shoes based on individual measurements. If you run a crowdfunding financing round and get 200 individuals all over Europe investing in your company, you just got 200 new marketing agents.

In the old world, you were supposed to get this 1 M€ from one or two Venture Capitalists who said “they have connections” and therefore are “value-adding”. Ever heard these things before? Probably yes. So what  happens after that? Afterwards you may find out… Continue reading

Let Your Visitors Know You're on Venture Bonsai

Add this button to your website and link it to Venture Bonsai to start attracting your visitors to your Venture Bonsai profile.

Use this button as a way to draw in serious investors, or add it as a passive part of your crowdfunding strategy. Either way, your customers and visitors best know the value of your product, so show them where they can invest in your company.

And even if you’re not starting a funding round for a while, it still can be useful to add this button. Use Venture Bonsai’s platform to attract investors and build trust and traction. Our Product Room is also great for allowing your company’s products to receive feedback from the community.

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Introducing Equity Crowdfunding

Venture Bonsai is now open! It still requires an invitation, but it’s easy to get one. Just make sure you include your LinkedIn profile link and briefly explain whether you’re an entrepreneur with a start-up looking for funding next year or an investor, willing to invest 5000 euros to one or more companies. Brief introduction is here.

This first release of Venture Bonsai already enables two very important things:

  1. It has an end-to-end process (following the financing regulation) for an entrepreneur run a funding round
  2. It has an end-to-end process for the private investors invest money in the companies

Crowdfunding for entrepreneurs

You can learn more about how to prepare for a funding round (as an entrepreneur). The whole process (preparing and running the round) has been implemented from a view point of an entrepreneur (as we are entrepreneurs ourselves and know what we’re talking about). One of the key elements of an impressive presentation of a company looking for funding it Elevator Pitch Video. We prefer certain key questions being answered on that video – therefore we have an example template for you. Another video you’re going to need is Investor Pitch on the video, this video actually… Continue reading