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How to Make Your Products Page Stand Out

Your products page is the meat and potatoes of your pitch to investors. While your Company Overview and Business Summary pages shed good light into the structure and future of  your company, you products page makes your services easy to visualize.    Creating a Venture Bonsai profile for your company is simple and straightforward. If you add some information and a picture, you’re good to go! But to if you want to take your Product Page to the next level, you might appreciate these quick tips to present your information clearly and attractively.       
Product Page with Multiple Products

The first thing you’ll notice when you click to view some product pages is that they can be split in several parts. You can easily add multiple products by clicking “Add New Product” in the toolbar on your company’s product page.

The main benefit of doing so is to organize your different products or business areas into different areas. This allows us to keep our  tool’s for investors separate from our funding platform for entrepreneurs, which makes everything easier to follow. Also, a “deeper” profile provides your investors with more than a… Continue reading

Demonstrating your Startup's Social Proof

Angels, VC’s, and strangers who wish to take part in crowdfunding your company are much more likely to believe in your ability to deliver if you already have a successful company or an exit behind you. But how do you break into the funding market for the first time? Especially if you don’t have a referral from a high profile investor? The answer is to prove your intellect, trustworthiness, and work ethic through Social Proof.

Social proof can be crudely defined as saying, “Well, I know that guy’s not an idiot,” or, “hey, they all cant be idiots.” We use this to make decisions every day based on the size of the crowd or the authority of the person giving the review. For example, we take note if 6000 people give a book on Amazon a five-star rating, just as we take note similarly when we hear the book reviewer of the New York Times gives a book a top rating. But what does that mean for your startup on Venture Bonsai?

Demonstrating your personal Social Proof

Chances are, you’ve got a lot of social proof already out there by adding up the little stuff. LinkedIn have positioned themselves… Continue reading

The Entrepreneur's First Look at Venture Bonsai

This blog post is a shortened version of our new White Paper for Entrepreneurs, which is available here.

If you would rather see in person what Venture Bonsai can do for your company, then go to and sign up!

About us

Venture Bonsai is a growth ecosystem that allows entrepreneurs to get traction and to manage an investment round. Our platform enables entrepreneurs to get feedback on their product in the community, build trust with the potential investors, as well as attract investors when running an investment round.

We give you the platform to offer shares of your company to a wide variety of sources. This means anyone from Angels and VC’s to your family and customers can invest in your company and receive equity in return.

Our key features include a simple way to see who your friends have met and trust, so it’s easier to trust who you’re doing business with. On Venture Bonsai it’s also easy keep investors updated to your progress by posting your company’s updates to everyone’s Dashboard. And if you have a question about your startup, you can pose it to our community using the Knowledge tab.

Adding your Company

We… Continue reading

How to Make an Investor Pitch Video

Earlier we wrote how to create a public Elevator Pitch Video. An Elevator pitch video works as a teaser in the Venture Bonsai Funding Process. After viewing this video, a potential investor should be interested to hear more. If your company is running a funding round, at this point any investor can apply to see your private Investment Room to view the details and numbers of your funding round.

As part of the material made available to your potential investors, you should produce a quality “Investor Pitch Video”. The video should be around 5 minutes long and should contain anything you would tell to potential investors in real life.

How do you create your own Investor Pitch video for Venture Bonsai?

You should answer on the video the following questions. Please keep in mind, that this video is ONLY visible to the people you individually have accepted to be potential investors.


  • Who are you and what is your background?
  • What is the name of your company and where is it based?
  • What’s the main idea of your company?
  • Tell about your team and why are you good?