New "Knowledge" Feature Answers Your Questions


We’re proud to announce a new feature to our users: ‘Knowledge’. At Venture Bonsai, we’ve created both a marketplace and a tight-knit community where investors and entrepreneurs congregate to complete the investment process. And now we have also provided our users with a resource to get answers from the community itself.

When logged into Venture Bonsai you might notice the new ‘Knowledge’ tab at the top right of the page. There you will see all the questions asked by our community. Take a second to browse through it, learn something new, and maybe answer a question or two. If you have a question you think the community might be able to answer, then click the ‘Ask a Question’ link and fire away!

We believe ‘Knowledge’ will be of great value to our entrepreneurs and investors alike, due to our strong user base and the narrow focus of our community. Our entrepreneurs are already using the crowd to get funded, and we believe that the crowd’s collective knowledge will help build more successful businesses and make wiser investment decisions.

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